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Hi, I'm Niklas Krüger, a all-round designer from Berlin.

I am from the north of Germany and was brought up in Bonn, Naples and Ljubljana. I am currently living in the beautiful Berlin and I love it here, even though the winters can be harsh.

I always had a focus on humane projects that solve problems and benefit people, not only companies. I am really proud to have worked with and for some amazing humans, projects or companies I truly wanted to support.

I see myself as a allrounder to help you conceptualise your projects, create designs accordingly and finally even creating the final product. If the projects scale up I am happy to get my network involved.

This is what I can do for you


Main Focus

Getting into the key functions, small details and look&feel of a products to deliver the user the best possible experience to your service.


Main Focus

Websites are an extended business card to your project of company. The user will understand what you're about in a few seconds and can dabble in a little deeper.


Main Focus

Branding is essential and the DNA of your project. The user will sense what your brand is about, feel connected emotions and dive into your world in a matter of seconds.


Main Focus

Photography evokes a more personal connection to a brand or project to strengthen an emotional bond and tell stories with a glance of the eye.


Main Focus

If photography isn’t enough to deliver the message, illustration comes in really handy. Bonus: It strengthens a projects personality and emotional value.


Main Focus

No project should stay hidden. With the help of webflow i can deliver you a powerful website with a CMS  in no time.
PS: This website is also made on webflow.

My life so far...

My life so far

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