Climate Sim

Two aritcles about climate simulation and what we can learn from it

We all feel it, the climate is heating up. To tag along with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report 2021 I created a Website that features Interviews regarding climate simulation. The challenge was to make articles really legible and create a glossary for better orientation.

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Climate Sim

Crisis-services should catch up to the 21. Century

Current crisis-services is unattractive and unintuitive, especially for young users.

Crisis and depression have become omnipresent. Suicide is the second most cause for death amongst teenagers. They especially struggle with many changes and often don’t have anyone to talk to about these struggles. The crisis-help that are out there sadly don’t often get used by teenagers, as they don’t cover their needs. 

FLOAT offers a crisis-service that is targeted toward teenagers and their use of smartphones. It works as a network of participating crisis-services to deliver the best help possible. The centerpiece is a crisis-chat with trained helpers and a journal to stay in touch with feelings.

 FLOAT is crisis-intervention and prevention. The earlier help is provided the better are the success rates. It should be easy to receive help and feel natural. FLOAT delivers this simple help through a device that everybody has - the smartphone.


Quick overview of what the app has to offer.

The buoy „Flo“ introduces the App tot he teenagers. There they get a first feel of how simple the app is and can build trust. 

It also gives a small introduction into the World of crisis and how you get back on track of things and don’t get drowned by bad emotions and feeling - this is also the inspiration for the name „FLOAT“ and the buoy.


The first contact with "Flo"

The aim is to provide help as quick as possible. To use waiting periods „Flo“ asks a few question to get some information about the Problem. This way the helper can already see some information as they get connected. 

If the teenager uses special wording that can be connected with suicidal thoughts, „Flo“ can prioritize the connection with a trained helper and offer quicker help. 


Chat with a trained helper.

After the teenager has agreed to be connected with an actual helper the chat starts immediately. This is a place where the teenager can let go of everything and get the help they need. 


Identify feelings and find the causes for specific emotions.

Just getting in touch with your emotions is already a huge help. The teenager can do this in a digital journey, where they take a couple of minutes to get in touch with themselves. 


Get insights on your emotional trends.

„FLOAT“ offers a way to view how emotions develop throughout time. It can even tell the teenager what habits have been helpful or give tipps on what might be a good action to better specific moments.

Emergency Links

Always recieve the help you really need.

It is not only easy to get in touch with a helper, „FLOAT“ also offers different ways of recieving help. Teenagers can see different Services based on their location and time. Visiting a crisis service has never been more barrier-free.


The barrier-free help also stretches out on the website.

The website also starts directly with a chat. Teenagers can immediately start a conversation. The website is addressed to the teenager, making them feel in charge of thing.


A Campaign to spark awareness across schools and universities.

Also the campaign is not your average campaign with a crying child and a telephone-number. "FLOAT"s advertising uses the language and aesthetic teenagers are used to and delivers the same easy to use and fun approach as the app does.


Quick help through chocolate, long lasting help through "FLOAT"

„Teenagers are not depressive“, „That’s just a phase“ and „eat some chocolate, you’ll feel better then.“ are phases that are stuck in society. This little marketing-stunt what’s to turn these prejudices into actual help. 


Finding the spot you need

ParkYourBike delivers an easy way to find a parking spot close by. The map view offers an easy way to explore visually, and the list view gives you more details. From there, it is super easy to book your spot.


Easy booking process

After choosing a suitable spot, the user can easily make a reservation on the go. As a biker the checkout should be mobile, quick and clear.


Always stay on top of your bookings

The parking offers a great overview of currently parked bikes, future bookings and an overview of this month's spending. In a few steps, you can purchase time cards to save some money.


Enter with a tap...

You can easily get into the parking spots with just a tap of your phone or a scan of your QR code. If you are a regular, the terminals at the stations let you put in your personal code. And just like that, the bike is safe.


Handling all your data

Edit all your information, change billing information, and view and download your receipts. If you need some assistance, reach out for support or check the FAQ.

Screenshot of the Artikel 11 Website
Screenshots of the Website on Mobile
Language Picker that shows hard German, simple German and English
A Slider that shows the images of the art project.

Krisenhilfe sollte im 21. Jahrhundert ankommen.

Krisen und Depressionen sind in unserer Gesellschaft allgegenwärtig. Selbstmord ist die zweithäufigste Todesursache bei Jugendlichen. Sie sind vielen überfordernden Veränderungen ausgesetzt, doch ihnen fehlt häufig ein Ansprechpartner, um Hilfe zu erhalten.Viele Hilfsorganisationen unterstützen Menschen in Krisen. Leider wird diese Unterstützung von Jugendlichen oft nicht genutzt - aus Angst, aus Unwissenheit oder wegen veralteter Angebote.

Der Service FLOAT bietet Krisenhilfe für Jugendliche im Zeitalter des Smartphones. Dabei werden verschiedene Krisenhilfen vernetzt, um umfassende Hilfe zu ermöglichen. Im Vordergrund steht ein Chat mit professionellen Helfern und ein Gefühlstagebuch gibt Aufschluss über Ursachen von Stimmungen.

FLOAT ist Krisenintervention und -prävention. Je eher Hilfe vermittelt wird, desto besser. Die Hemmschwelle soll so niedrig wie möglich gehalten werden, deshalb hebt sich FLOAT von anderen Krisenhilfen ab und holt Jugendliche in ihrem Medium ab - dem Smartphone. 

Systems Engineering

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Systems

Wertschöpfung von morgen als soziotechnisches Gesamtsystem


Advanced Systems

Autonome Systeme

Interaktive soziotechnische Systeme

Dynamisch vernetzte Systeme


Systems Engineering

Technisches System



Advanced Engineering





All the information at a glance

The Website shows the different stages of the campaign, offers a preview of the next chapters and gives you all the information you need. The expressiv design of the campaign was continued throughout all formats.

The design consists of different symbols that are used to create a more gender-neutral language in German. These symbols make patterns and shapes that create a new visual for every topic. Paired with the type a modern & friendly, but still clasical look that attracts all ages and gives an easy introduction into gender-equality.

Throughout the campaign we developed different concepts of media solutions that cover the current topics best. The website had to display these solutions in the best way. 


Campaign made for instagram

The main focus of the campaign was to create engaging media formats for instagram. There are different solutions on how to get the users attention: Sometimes you have to turn your phone to see the answer of a quiz, other times you receive facts in a understandable and shareable way and we also created some reels to share. 


From IG to Print?

Of course it is also important to spread the messages of the campaign locally. We developed several print-products to spread the message offline. These Products will make the user reflect on their gender-bias, give them useful information about gender-equality or a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a difference. 

Changing equality from the inside

Lohncheck also wanted to offer a tool that can analyze the pay of the companies workforce to identify the unequal pay on different levels. You can the raise the pay of your workers to match their actual qualification and create a fair workspace.